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My Intentions for Claps on Medium

Klaus Wagner
5 min readDec 7, 2020


A few weeks ago I started writing on Medium. Because it was the first time that I ever blogged or did something on the internet I read a lot of articles about how Medium works and what you should do to succeed on Medium. There a lot of articles with recommendations for beginners and a lot of articles with the experiences of authors. You can read recommendations about writing many articles, about following other authors, about quality content, about the importance of publications, about keep going on and so on and so on.

But the best teacher is practice. So I started writing and publishing. And I learned what kind of responses you can have.

Feedback to a story

The first response — for a beginner a very important matter — is the “View”. That means someone has found your article. That´s of course the foundation of everything. But Medium not only registers a click but also if someone actually reads this article. That´s the next step on the ladder of success, “Reads”.

If the reader likes your story he can like the story by giving “Claps”. But there is no dislike-button. And in my opinion, there is no need for such a button because most or at least a lot of articles are published in publications so there are edited and proofed.

And the claps lead to the next category of response, the “Fans”. Every time a reader likes your article he is registered as a…



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